Rockin’ in Vietnam

BfBC2 Vietnam finally came out on PS3 last night and it was my first evening of dedicated Vietnam gameplay.

I started on PC with Tye Webb, messing around on Heavy Metal. We started on the same team on an empty server and tried to land our heli on one of the windmalls dotted around that map. After the first few failed attempts we were separated into different teams but we still kept trying and could chat over Steam chat. I did manage to land the UAV and both of us almost managed to land helicopters on them. Good practice for flying though. After a few minutes others joined our game and as I was watching Tye, I saw a tank on my team fire on him! After that he switched teams and we rocked the game and won. 🙂
Must have been in there with some noobs because they were useless at flying (says he!), hovering near my tank and just waiting for me to kill them with a tank shell. Never did that on console …

Later on I joined Paul and Gavin and had a great time on Xbox. We rocked there too and I discovered that it is possible to survive flame throwers if you’re sitting on top of a medic pack. Nick won’t be happy to hear I ran medic most of last night but medic packs strewn around the area saved me and my team mates more than once!

After about an hour I hopped onto the PS3. Unfortunately there were problems. Everyone lost their rank and specialisations although we did have our weapons I think. Still, it evened the playing field for all and we had some great games. I joined bigpresh but Mike joined our game on the other side and sent me an invite and I swapped teams. Thankfully bigpresh swapped teams later! 🙂

Damn but there are some bad choke points in the Vietnam expansion! On Vantage Point if you have Charlie in a game of Conquest and can’t break the enemy at Bravo it’s really hard to flank. Thankfully my team mates did just that near the end of the game but it wasn’t enough unfortunately. On Cao Son Temple playing rush there are a few choke points too. One or two defenders kept us at bay for several minutes until we broke through to their base. Hell of a fight.

Good games everyone!

8 thoughts on “Rockin’ in Vietnam

  1. I’m running medic so much in Vietnam. With all the fire throwing gremlins running around, I need to self heal. The medic kit is also one of the best at taking down Huey’s fast too.

    The best gun for me is the ak47. I serve justice with that gun. The engineer kit doesn’t feel as good as it does in BFBC2.

    1. I totally agree. Self healing is key to move up past a few of those choke points. I love the PPsh but the engie is a harder class to use effectively in Vietnam. I end up using like an Assault kit most of the time.

  2. I’ve been running as Engineer as I love the PPSh but did try one as assault last night. Will give medic a try tonight as you quite rightly say with all the flame throwers about it’s a must have!!!

    1. Do you think PS3 is so far behind because our stats aren’t being saved? I’ve had a few games where it will reset me mid game so I’m at the bottom of the leaderboard. Odd.

      1. I think when your stats reset mid game that is when your stats actually sync. I’ve gone into games without my rank and then mid game I get my rank and I think when I got my rank right my score for that game got cleared. I’ve also had my stats get synced correctly and then a few minutes later I’m back down to 0.

  3. It was really uncalled for when the enemies started shooting at me. I was clearly up to important things like badly flying a helicopter and getting tossed around by windmill blades.

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