Observations by a console player on the …

Observations by a console player on the PC version of Bad Company 2:

  1. Vietnam looks gorgeous. It’s a very different game, maps are so varied. Can’t wait to play them with my console friends.
  2. Voice chat? What’s that. The in-game chat is so broken people use external servers. Useless when playing with randoms.
  3. Guess what? Playing with a team of wookies is just as much fun (not) as it is on consoles.
  4. There’s no skill matching like there is on consoles. Getting into a server where you’re matched up evenly is pot luck. There is some sort of mechanism to even out the teams but you can still have skilled and noob players on each team.
  5. Learning to use the mouse and keyboard instead of a controller is like going from QWERTY to Dvorak. Yes, it’s that painful. At this stage using a controller is second nature and instinctive (except for grenades/melee!) but it will obviously take a while to get there with PC controls again. It’s been over a decade since I used these controls on a regular basis.

8 thoughts on “Observations by a console player on the …

  1. I’ve never been able to play FPS’s on consoles. The control scheme is too frustrating. I *need* a mouse and keyboard to be able to aim and shoot properly.

    Did you ever hear the rumor about the Halo test Microsoft did? They were considering allowing XBox and PC gamers to be able to play against each other via XBox Live, so they got a bunch of excellent console players and some mediocre PC players and pitted them against each other. The console players consistently got destroyed by the PC players because of the superior control system that keyboard+mouse provided. So they scrapped the project, and that’s why they refuse to implement it in Xbox Live now. Technically it’s an easy thing to make PC’s connect to their service too, but it would simply be too embarrassing for them to have XBox players getting their asses constantly handed to them.

    1. Yup, I’ve heard that one before but I don’t buy it. If you’re really good with your controller of choice then it’s all down to map knowledge, skill and tactics to win.

      Check out what Jay says in the two tweets I posted from him. He plays on Xbox and PC and reckons there’s no skill difference between Xbox and PC users.

      I really have no idea why MS and Sony didn’t allow their games to be played with a mouse and keyboard on their consoles. It’s such a no-brainer and I’ve even read executives from both companies lamenting the same thing. It’s not as if it’s harder or anything to use them, but maybe it’d turn off the “living room” audience they’re aiming for.

      I’ll keep practicing! 🙂

    2. I’m with Otto on this one. Watching videos of people playing on consoles is funny to me. It’s as if they’re aiming with arrow keys — slowly turning to find their target, adjusting slowly, etc.

      I have my sensitivity set up so I can quickly spin around and hit someone and I can usually acquire a target when they appear on my screen in a split second.

      I need to post one of my Black Ops videos to YouTube.

      1. Ah go on, you’ve been watching my videos haven’t you? 🙂

        Many console players have their sensitivity set to 10 and they can aim and acquire targets very quickly too.

        Anyway, this isn’t a “which controller is better” argument. It’s easy to see that a mouse and keyboard are better.

    1. Hopefully I’ll do better next time. I managed to disarm an MCOM station this morning. Quite happy with that and I’m about 300 points shy of rank 1. Magnum ammo is level 15 isn’t it?

  2. I’ve recently considered making a return to PC FPS with BFBC2 and Black Ops. However like its been awhile since I played FPS on the PC, I think the last PC FPS I played was Quake 2. When I played the Metal of Honor Beta for a couple nights on PC, I had no problem moving around and aiming was easy enough and it was all the other things that were not 2nd nature anymore, switching weapons, melee and all those other little things. My fingers just didn’t have the muscle memory to hit those keys right away without even thinking.

    1. That’s the problem. I had to think too much about my keys and couldn’t concentrate on the map/action. There were times I wasn’t moving and I looked down to see I wasn’t even hitting W. Have to get used to the odd behaviour of running too, thanks Alex for explaining that!

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