More rocking games of rush in Bad Compan…

More rocking games of rush in Bad Company 2 with Eddie. A very vocal French guy and another guy without a mic joined us for the last game and boy was it the best ever. I got a “best player” pin and we got a “best squad” pin after that. A highlight was flanking the dumb sniper who shot me and stabbing him in the back. Hehe.

Some earlier games were frustrating though as some players on our team were more interested in their KDR than defusing the bombs! I literally ran past someone near the bomb and was too late to defuse it.

The last round

The Last Round

BfBC2 Stats

Bad Company 2 Stats

Gold Squad Pin

Gold Squad Pin. In a round be a part of the best squad.
Find yourself a good squad (best to do with friends) and play together and well.

Ace Pin

Ace Pin. In a round be the best player.
Get the most points in a game. Whichever class you are good at – play it and play it well. (via)