Battlefield 4 has had a rocky start..

Now, I knew that Battlefield 4 has had a rough start. It crashes a lot, it’s hard to find games, bugs in the game stop it being enjoyable but the latest Amazon sale tempted me for a few minutes until I scrolled down.. I’ll buy it in a year or […]



Niall and his unique way of destroying tanks and other obstacles in Battlefield Bad Company 2. Yes, I was riding in the tank with him. Fun times! Be sure to watch the whole video, some great clips there as always!


Battlefield 3 stats for your own site?

Battlelog is very useful but sometimes you want to have stats for your own site. With that in mind I’ve come across 2 APIs that can be used to talk to EA’s servers: have an API for Battlefield 2 that is the same as the one for The […]


BF3: Helicopters and AA on Noshahr Canals

Two very differing commentaries on Noshahr Canals (rush) in Battlefield 3. One gives tips on flying a helicopter, the other shows how overpowered a good driver on the AA gun on that level is! Meanwhile I started playing the game on Xbox 360 last night and it was the exact […]


Battlefield 3 Weapon Damage

Den Kirson is at it again Amrosorma, CrustyM, erk070, and tomchuk of ESDECO produced a neat weapon damage spreadsheet for Battlefield 3 here. I haven’t checked it out yet but as I’ve hardly unlocked anything it probably doesn’t really matter to me yet any way! (via and also here)


Some Battlefield 3 tips and myths here The…

Some Battlefield 3 tips and myths here. The first two I saw myself, the third from here and summarised by Gavin: When you die bullets and rockets will still fly through the air. I disabled a tank after I died in one game. The knifing animation can be interrupted if […]


BF3: It all started out so well..

Battlefield 3 was finally released in Ireland and the UK and elsewhere yesterday. I had a few games early in the evening and then later played with a few of the guys. Yes, stats aren’t everything but looking at a killcam all the time isn’t fun either!

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