“The story is online with others, not s…

“The story is online with others, not single player.”

Above I’m paraphrasing something I read a while back but the truth of it was brought home to me after playing BfBC2 for a few hours last night after 3 games of Modern Warfare 2.

This morning as I thought back to the previous night’s gameplay my first thoughts were of multiplayer action in MW2. I recalled the camping enemy soldier I knifed on Highrise, and then when the minimap exposed the sniper on the roof of the hut I stood next to, I climbed up, stood over him for a moment and *slash*. I wish I recorded that game as the final kill was a jumping shot I somehow pulled off.

BfBC2? The single player game was hectic, it was fun but ultimately not as satisfying. I’ll still play through to the finish of course, but I’m really looking forward to the online play.

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