Sometimes your own team can be too good….

Sometimes your own team can be too good. Had a few games of Bad Company 2 after the patch downloaded. I noticed jets flying overhead a few times but not much else different.

First of all I joined Red Dragon in a game with Americans (been a while!) and while we tore up the other team the lag was terrible! Mike and bigpresh joined later and we played on for a bit but then moved on to a closer server. I guess transatlantic games are just too laggy.

The teams I played on were, in a word, awesome. I’ll finish this post later but they were so good they pushed so hard that those of us who remained defending the crates only got a few kills!

Still, my KDR somehow zoomed up to 0.77, I got a Gold Star for my knife and I’ve fallen in love with the AUG again. Also had fun with C4, getting 300 points for planting on a crate! 🙂

0 thoughts on “Sometimes your own team can be too good….

  1. I wonder if that’s what it is, transatlantic lag. I was thinking of that earlier.

  2. Definitely something odd about matchmaking too – we had a level 50 player but the other team had at least 2 or 3 recruits and several players lower than level 10. We decimated their team so much I hardly got any kills at all. Everyone else got the kills!

  3. Had a pre-patch game with Eddie just there on Xbox and the lag was just as bad as it was on PS3 in that game. It was never this bad, and oddly enough we got into a game where the opposition had 3 recruits and we tore them to pieces. Nice KDR of 2.63 too 🙂

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