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Tom's going away dinner at Proby's Bistro

Last night a number of bloggers met in Proby’s Bistro for a dinner to see of Tom Raftery who’s leaving our fair isle and heading off to live in Spain next Sunday. I won’t bore you with details of who went and who said what to whom, but a good night was had by all! If you really must know who attended, Conor O’Neill listed each blogger’s Twitter account. Check out the gallery for more!

My wife noticed this morning that Tom was featured in yesterday’s Evening Echo. Alongside him are Pat Phelan of MAXroam and Catherine Wall of IT@Cork. That was the Echo with the photo of the Spencer Tunick Blarney shoot, so I’m sure that copy’s circulation numbers were up!
The last photo in the gallery is a shot of that image. Note the prominent WordPress sticker? Thanks Pat!

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Conference Hijacked by French Politics

It hasn’t been a good time for the organisers of Le Web 3 in Paris, France. First of all their WiFi was down or sketchy and while that’s simply an annoyance and is a terrible reflection on the WiFi provider surely things couldn’t get worse?

They did. In place of the advertised speakers, two French presidential candidates spoke. Wasn’t this conference supposed to be about web technology? I can’t wait to see what they do next! How will they better today’s fiasco? I would certainly be looking for a refund, especially if I had travelled from abroad.

Worse than that, at a conference where the majority of the delegates were not French, the two political candidates addressed the audience in French (and Sarkozy didn’t even take questions).


The IT@Cork 2006 Conference

I attended the 2006 it@cork National Technology & Business Conference yesterday and took many photos of the speakers. As to be expected with a line-up that included Eddie Hobbs it was very business orientated but Tony Kenny spoke at length about the challenges that faced him when he introduced Linux into Beaumont Hospital and Marc Canter proved to be a very passionate speaker about APIs and openness. Knock down those walled gardens! I could go on and on about the speakers but I wouldn’t do them justice. Watch out for the podcasts on the IT@Cork website.

I enjoyed the day very much, and thank you to Tom Raftery and everyone at IT@Cork for organising a well run and professional event.

Update – Michele loved Tony’s approach to using open source – mix it with proprietary software if you have to. Tom Raftery thought, “yesterday’s event was a tremendous success” and I agree, while Tom Corcoran has a short but thorough review of the day. He did forget to mention the delicious dessert after lunch. Oh wow! Yum!

Haydn was at the conference too and blogged about Marc Canter and Jeff Nolan. Read his post because he has something interesting to say about the cost of blogging. I remember him scribbling furiously throughout while I grappled with iPhoto and uploaded images to my blog! (Nice to meet you finally Haydn!)


What do I really do with my SSIA?

Tom Raftery interviewed Eddie Hobbs two weeks ago as part of the IT@Cork pre conference podcast. He covers a range of subjects including investment in IT and residential vs commercial property investments. I’m downloading it now and will listen to it shortly!

There are also interviews with other Conference speakers, including Salim Ismail and Hugh MacLeod. The IT@Cork Business Without Boundaries Conference is looking like a good event to attend. I’ll be there with my camera so expect some photos on my photoblog shortly afterwards!


Interview with me and Matt: Blogging, WordPress, Business.

Tom Raftery has published his interview with me and Matt Mullenweg. He talked to us last Monday on various subjects related to WordPress, commercialisation, plus blogging in Ireland, business blogging and others. You can download and listen to the interview on the above site.

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WordPress guy, meet Microsoft guy

Jacinta and I met Tom Raftery, Robert and Maryam Scoble this wet and cold morning to do the tourist thing in Blarney! Robert and Maryam were really unlucky with the weather today but that didn’t dampen their mood!
Want to see a picture? I’ve posted a photo of us after coming down from the castle.

Everyone is in good health and the narrow steps of the castle failed to deter us from getting to the top! Robert, Tom and Maryam all kissed the Blarney Stone so as they have now been given the gift of the gab, expect a lot more to be said by them!