Matt’s interview in the SBP


Nice to see an interview with Matt in the Sunday Business Post, but they got one thing wrong that Matt is not chilled out about!


Matt Mullenweg and Craig Newmark

Matt and Craig

I was in Dublin yesterday to see Matt and Craig become Honorary Patrons of The University Philosophical Society in Trinity College. It was a low key informal event with many students and a few staff in attendance.

Eamon Leonard, of Echo Libre, kindly used my Flip Mino to record the Q&A session that followed. I want to express my gratitude to him for doing a fine job, especially as I saw him switch the camera from arm to arm during the hour long event. It wasn’t easy holding the camera aloft for so long. I’m currently transcoding the video and trying to make it smaller before uploading it.
I’ll add it to this post later, you won’t want to miss it!

Update! Matt was interviewed by Silicon Republic earlier today. Catch up on what’s happening at the Web Summit in Dublin by following #dws2 on Twitter.


Interview with me and Matt: Blogging, WordPress, Business.

Tom Raftery has published his interview with me and Matt Mullenweg. He talked to us last Monday on various subjects related to WordPress, commercialisation, plus blogging in Ireland, business blogging and others. You can download and listen to the interview on the above site.

When-in-Ireland WordPress

Matt in Blarney

Matt has been in Cork for the past few days and we’re catching up on WordPress stuff. After mentioning a local beverage, the discussion on his blog has centered around which is better, Guinness or Murphys! I don’t drink either so I’ll let that up to others!
He’s going home soon, but expect a podcast interview by Tom Raftery before the end of the week, and I’ll post a picture later today!

Here it is! A great photo taken by Jacinta outside Blarney Woollen Mills.

Later .. Matt is on his travels again and he’ll reach the US later today. He was a pleasure to have visit as he’s so easy going! The local B&B he stayed in, River Walk, is run by husband and wife, Eddie and Grace and they put on an early morning breakfast to prepare him for the day!

Apart from the B&B, Eddie runs a where he runs motorcycle training courses!