Photomatt's .net interview

The latest issue of .Net magazine has an interview with WordPress developer, all round nice guy, oh, and my boss, Matt Mullenweg (the cheque’s in the post, right?)

It’s a shame they didn’t put the interview on their website but I’ll upload some thumbnail photos of the interview later.

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Really I need a mugger who can file my Vat returns

Comedian Dara O Briain is interviewed by Rose Costello in the Sunday Times “Fame and Fortune” column this week. If you’ve never seen him on tv or perform live then check out the clips at the end of this post!

As a self employed person I took to heart his recommendation that, “Oh yeah, and if you’re self-employed, get an offset mortgage.” You pay tax once a year, all that dosh is building up in your current account, doing what? You might as well get it working and paying off the mortgage. As soon as my fixed rate loan period is up …

How much money do you normally have in your wallet and do you carry anything unusual or sentimental in it?

I never have cash in my wallet at any time — so take that, you brigands and banditos, you’ll get nothing from me. Instead I carry around months and months of receipts. Really I need a mugger who can file my Vat returns.

York Model Railway Station

Update! Dara was on Podge & Rodge’s show the other night! Here’s the obligatory Youtube video: (via)

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We’re Hoff and running


John Arlidge of The Sunday Times interviews David Hasselhoff. The Hoff is traveling around Europe to publicize his new single, “Jump In My Car”. Have you heard it yet? It was played off the radio by pleading texts from listeners and laughter from DJs. The interview makes for a great read, he’s so full of himself it’s funny!

“What is Jump In My Car, my latest single out this month, really about?” he asks unprompted. Without pausing he answers his own question. “Essentially, it’s about driving along trying to get girls to jump in my car.”

Is that something he knows a lot about, I ask. He nods.

Just what does the star of Knight Rider and Baywatch get up to in his car these days? You’ll have to read this entertaining interview to find out!
Photo by Dwane Senior

When-in-Ireland WordPress

Matt in Blarney

Matt has been in Cork for the past few days and we’re catching up on WordPress stuff. After mentioning a local beverage, the discussion on his blog has centered around which is better, Guinness or Murphys! I don’t drink either so I’ll let that up to others!
He’s going home soon, but expect a podcast interview by Tom Raftery before the end of the week, and I’ll post a picture later today!

Here it is! A great photo taken by Jacinta outside Blarney Woollen Mills.

Later .. Matt is on his travels again and he’ll reach the US later today. He was a pleasure to have visit as he’s so easy going! The local B&B he stayed in, River Walk, is run by husband and wife, Eddie and Grace and they put on an early morning breakfast to prepare him for the day!

Apart from the B&B, Eddie runs a where he runs motorcycle training courses!


The 25 most difficult questions

The 25 most difficult questions you’ll be asked in a job interview.

In the news

RTE's Bush Interview

Justin has a lot more on RTE’s Bush Interview that I mentioned previously. He notes that the White House complained to “RTE, the Irish Embassy, the Irish Government, and the reporter herself” aftewards. hehe.
He includes links to the realvideo version of it as well as an mp3 audio-track too. I recorded the realvideo streaming version using the following command:

mencoder -o primetime56.avi -oac mp3lame -ovc lavc rtsp://


Bush Vs Bush

Ah, here’s an interesting interview (22MB .mov) between Governer Bush and President Bush. My, how he changed his opinions!