One of those weekends.. and other stuff!

It was one of those weekends for a lot of Irish people I think. Certainly, I was completely out of the loop news wise! I didn’t even know Ronald Reagan had died until I read Mark’s blog yesterday morning! Via Kevin, some don’t have anything good to say about him, and I’ve certainly heard a lot of negatives about him.

I can’t help but remember the British comedy, Spitting Image and their puppets and Ronnie trying to decide, “what’ll I have for breakfast?” mistaking the American nuclear missile launch codes for his breakfast menu.. heh.

Wouldn’t you know it? On the day that Venus transits the Sun, others capture remarkable photos but it’s overcast here in Cork!
Hmm, and via Pixelbeat (who’s obviously a Window Maker fan!) comes this article on the Witty Worm. It’s kinda cool, as it fits inside one UDP packet!
Remember I did some tuning of our server at work? Well, traffic has returned to normal again, but I was told this is a quiet time in the futures market right now. As an exercise I deleted the php Accelerator cached files again and I am seeing another big jump in requests served! It might pay to remove those files on a daily basis!
I hope No-Action Jackson works in Wine! Looks kinda cute!
And if you want to download the trailer to Fahrenheit 9/11 (that guy in the last photo doesn’t look very “secret” to me does he?) you could try the following:

mencoder -o f911.wmv -oac copy -ovc copy mms://\

You need mplayer installed, but that’s as easy as apt-get install mplayer 🙂

Excellent! Another issue of The Digital Journalist is out. They promise a tribute to Ronald Reagan next month, that should be good, judging by their previous efforts. Just after browsing their TOC and looks like they have a few articles on D-Day.
I watched the BBC coverage of the commemeration on Sunday night and it was really well done. I even saw Brother Columbanus, an Irishman, dressed in his monk’s garb, salute and smile at the Queen as he marched past the viewing stand! (He was mentioned in an article in the Sunday Times, he took part in D-Day, and after the war returned to Ireland and became a brother in a monastory!)

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  1. Mark – you’ve ordered the DP Hacks book? Nice! I blogged it a while back and got some useful info from the online extract. Learn about your histogram young man and you shall go far!

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