Credit Card Pins – thank you

Hope you had a nice Christmas and you’re enjoying the holiday! I just took a look at my credit card statement and I’m glad the new credit card PIN numbers were brought in. I forgot mine several months ago and now I rarely use my card because a lot of shops won’t accept a chipped credit card without it! Great!

No, I haven’t got around to getting a new one yet, thank you.

2 thoughts on “Credit Card Pins – thank you

  1. Thank god you have got the pin changed. There are many kinds of risks that you can have to face if your credit pin got stolen. There is a risk of identity theft too. Here is a good resource for identity theft The identity theft can have drastic effect on your credit. Beware of it from today. I have faced a lot of trouble due to this.

  2. I personally had a trust hold the title to my checking account instead of having it in my own name. A trust is a seperate legal entity capable of holding property.
    All i had to do was advise the bank manager i wanted only the trust’s name on the account title and account statement.Used a mail
    nominee so i DON’T receive mail containing bank account statements. I was a victim so i got my things in order. I live under the radar now thanks to this source :

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