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Yesterday it was announced that Yahoo will bundle WordPress right alongside Movable Type on their website! Matt and the rest of us were keeping mum on everything until yesterday, but now it’s out I can blog this. Matt has links to online coverage of the event.

Me? I think it’s great, the best blogging platform just got a huge boost from a very major player on the Internet! Maybe when I talk to people about blogs in the future they’ll know what I’m talking about!

The new Automattic website launched yesterday too. There’s a little blurb about me on the About page, although I do not drink Murphys except for that time years ago when I drank a pint with a shot of Baileys to help it go down.. that was interesting.

In other news, Performancing for Firefox came out. It’s a blog editor extension for Firefox that looks pretty cool. Unfortunately I’m not using Firefox 1.5 yet so I can’t try it out.

4 thoughts on “WordPress.com Goodies

  1. Congratulations on the Yahoo! deal. It’s like you’re working for a real company again. But one which doesn’t send me a bottle of wine at Christmas like the last place did. 😉

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