Interview with me and Matt: Blogging, WordPress, Business.

Tom Raftery has published his interview with me and Matt Mullenweg. He talked to us last Monday on various subjects related to WordPress, commercialisation, plus blogging in Ireland, business blogging and others. You can download and listen to the interview on the above site.

13 thoughts on “Interview with me and Matt: Blogging, WordPress, Business.

  1. It’s for the best Tom that interviewed you. Whopper and myself don’t think you’d be that interesting for our audience over at 2 Irish Geeks And A TV. ;-P

  2. I’m sure I should be offended that you’ve never listened to my podcast, but neh, it’s pretty much in character for you. ;-P

  3. Mark I think you’re podcast rocks! Is it on iTunes yet BTW? I added the RSS feed but you should have all the bells and whistles on it!

  4. Thanks Dave, that’s the difference you see. In this world there are 2IGTV people and “not 2IGTV” people. As a 2IGTV person I wish you long life and prosperity. Those other folks? Herpes. I wish them herpes. I’m wishing them herpes right now.

    And in the 2IGTV spirit I’ve done a half assed job over at and submitted it’s feed to iTunes for approval. I even formatted the teaser clip for playback on the iPod with video. 😉

  5. I’m just glad I finnaly found out how your name is pronounced. I asked my sister (who speaks Irish) and she said ‘Donnicka O’keeva’. Close enough. (I was pronouncing it ‘Doncha O’cowa’).

    +1 for the iTunes request. I just love Tom’s accent. 🙂

  6. Close Dante – my surname doesn’t have an “a” sound at the end. There is a girl’s name, Caoimhe, which a lot of people seem to mix up my surname with.

  7. Thanks Dante! If you want to hear more of my accent, I interviewed Marc Canter during the week and I will be publishing that interview tomorrow and I just now finished an interview with Vint Cerf which I will be publishing next week – all on
    Well, if mark can whore 2GTV, then I can promote!

  8. I’ll whore 2IGTV at a drop of a hat, we’re not professionals so I have to trick people into listening to us. I mean, the interview we did with Stanley Kubrick in the latest episode is amazing… ;-P

  9. I’ve been a long time reader of your blog Donncha. I too am glad to know how to pronounce your name. It’s been bugging me for sometime now. Anyway, your interview was great. I enjoyed it thoroughly.

  10. Awesome interview, thanks for sharing. Thanks for the information also…I am looking to open my own business within the next few months. Good luck with everything!

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