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WordPress MU Feedback

Matt took time out to update the feedback form in WordPress MU and today! Here’s a taster of what it looks like:

See the “Feedback” link above there? Hit that to send feedback to the admins of your WPMU site.

This is the feedback form that appears. It’s already being used on to great affect, reporting bugs and suggestions from users to the admins.

Thank you for your feedback. The great thing about this is that you can send feedback about the current page without disturbing what you’ve been doing. It’s sent to the server via an AJAX request and happens without refreshing the page!

Google Talk on Linux

Google Talk works fine with a Jabber compatible IM client such as GAIM but out of curiousity I tried to install the Windows client so I could use the voice function. Alas, my version of Wine isn’t up to the task. No matter what path I enter in the second dialog the INSTALL button is always greyed out! Others have had more luck installing, but the application doesn’t run yet. (Thanks Feedster!)

On a day like this…

Why sit inside on a lovely day like this?

Church Bay this evening. It’s low tide and those fishermen weren’t catching anything. Would you need an excuse to stand on the rocks flinging a lead weight into the water? I thought not!

Houses near Roches Point Lighthouse.

Ruby, a beautiful Springer Spaniel kept us entertained in Bunny Connellans while we enjoyed a drink. She’s gorgeous, I want a dog!

Old shop window at Myrtleville Beach. Closed now, and those stickers are ancient!

CSS drop shadows via A List Apart!

The new Canon: Canon 5D

Luminous Landscape published their impressions of the new Canon 5D which was announced a few days ago. Ken Rockwell has compared the spec list to that of the Canon 20D with some surprises!
Bob Atkins compares the 20D and 5D too. Some of the features of the 20D that are missing in the 5D ares ones I use – notably the built in flash and spot meter. Sometimes it’s just too much bother getting the 580ex out of the bag, and the on-board flash is sufficient!

Tall Ship Danmark in Cork, Part 2

I met Mark Twomey and AJ last night to take shots of the Danmark again. She sails tomorrow at 10am so I might pop into town for half an hour and record her departure if I find the time.

Canon IS Lenses – worth it?

Bob Atkins discusses Canon IS Lenses in this article. He asks is it worth the extra cost?
He also asks if it beats an L series lens which is all academic to me as I’m not going to be spending that much money on a single lens any time soon!
Lovely example shots showing the strengths of both types of lens.
I’m waiting on my Sigma 18-200, el cheapo, but “it’ll do the job” I hope!