The new Canon: Canon 5D

Luminous Landscape published their impressions of the new Canon 5D which was announced a few days ago. Ken Rockwell has compared the spec list to that of the Canon 20D with some surprises!
Bob Atkins compares the 20D and 5D too. Some of the features of the 20D that are missing in the 5D ares ones I use – notably the built in flash and spot meter. Sometimes it’s just too much bother getting the 580ex out of the bag, and the on-board flash is sufficient!

3 thoughts on “The new Canon: Canon 5D

  1. It’s fine for flash-fill, and usually I find I need it when I’m in an awkward area. I could be crouched or lying down in a public area and that security guard is walking quickly over to me and… It takes too long to grab the flash from my bag so I make do with what I have at hand!

  2. The lack of a built in flash is not as critical for me. I’ve found that more often than not that the flash on my 10D always caught some protruding part of my camera resulting in shadows in my pics. The 5D looks like the next step for me. I’ll wait a little bit though.

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