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Google Talk works fine with a Jabber compatible IM client such as GAIM but out of curiousity I tried to install the Windows client so I could use the voice function. Alas, my version of Wine isn’t up to the task. No matter what path I enter in the second dialog the INSTALL button is always greyed out! Others have had more luck installing, but the application doesn’t run yet. (Thanks Feedster!)

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  1. I tried with new Wine-20050830. When I tried connecting, error message is “Authontication failed”

  2. On Fedora Core 4 opens with the login screen the message Google Talk has encountered a interanal error and will now close and will close in a few secs

  3. I can get it stay open but frozen using ‘wine-safe’ and I can get it to stay open for a few seconds and even connect if Im fast under Crossover Office ( on their support system they claim that there upcomming version 5.0 “might” be able to do it.

  4. Get googletalk.exe from a Windows user or box. You can run the program right from the exe that it installs.

    I’m not sure about registry keys and stuff, but you really don’t need the installer.

  5. well i just tried to install the last version of google talk (1.0.92) with wine 0.9.11, and well, i succeeded ! (yes, the installation succeeded!) but when google talk tries to sign in, it fails..

    Well, that was a try,

  6. installer seems to work fine but then the program can’t authenticate to the server. also tried ripping the exe from a windows box and that didn’t authenticate either. better luck next time i guess.

  7. “how to install googletalk n yahoo messeger on linux”

    Install yahoo messenger available for Red Hat clients from yahoo home. It works for Ubuntu but has very limited features. Use gaim or gaim2. It is good.

    Seeing above trials with googletalk on linux I think there is no point in trying now ! Though I have tried it of course, but was just suggesting 😉

  8. Google talk installs with wine but the application does not display any charachters or sign in, anyone tried cracking this problem?

  9. Google talk installs with wine but the application does not display any charachters or sign in, anyone tried cracking this problem?

    system sayes ‘invaled disk’How to rectifi this probleam.

  10. Hi, guys.
    I think a better solution for now is Jabbin.

    I am used to voice chat with my friends runing windows. Jabbin GoogleTalk works OK. Voice Q is not bad.

    I have tried Tapioca before, but Jabbin is much more maturer than Tapioca. It’s worth trying.


    Jabbin+aMsn is my solution for voice+video chat with windows user.

  11. hello sir
    how i save and install yahoo messenger &google talk on linex (red hat)…………………………………………..

  12. ya i connected google-talk using GAIM in Fedora Core 6.
    Protocol : XMPP
    screen name: ur userid without
    connect port: 5222
    connect server:

    if ur behind a http proxy, choose http proxy
    set host and port


  13. Are the pepl at Google def. So many user want to use Google talk on Linux, and it takes so long for the popular company to release a Linux Google talk client. Skype and Gizmo have linux versions, why not Google? Are you listening Google ?

  14. Google talk installs with wine but the application does not display any charachters or sign in, anyone tried cracking this problem?

    system sayes ‘invaled disk’How to rectifi this probleam.

  15. google talk is working
    absolutely fine with
    the wine installation
    in fedora 8. easy to
    install and get all the
    features as of windows ..

  16. I connected google-talk using Pidgin in Fedora Core 7.
    Protocol : XMPP
    screen name: ur userid without
    Pessword:your password
    Alias:as you wish
    In advance tab
    click: Force old (port 5223)SSL check-box
    connect port: 443
    connect server:
    Proxy Type: Use GNOME proxy settings

  17. I installed it in Mandriva. When I try to launch it using Wine (latest) it’s complaing about a dll missing/not registered correctly.

    Any thoughts?

  18. here i have noticed that many of us has given solution regarding installing of gtalk in fedora. but what about red hat linux? can anyone help?

  19. Why bother to install gtalk in wine? I find Empathy is an pretty good alternative to gtalk in linux.

  20. solotim, matter is not to get a chatting facility in linux. i am already availing that. but i want to learn whether it is possible to install gtalk on linux or not and if possible, how……

  21. Try empathy, its there in Hardy Heron repositories.


    It allows voice chat with gtalk users. Its a multi-protocol jabber im messaging suite.

  22. This is really great with pidgin !
    ust give your id and password
    Thats all

    but no voice feature !
    i am trying to do that
    once if i get it
    will let you know guys !

  23. Hey
    This is ok !
    is there any program which can run like native google talk on linux as in windows ?

    help me please
    thanks in advance

  24. Why can’t you guys try sip-communicator , coccinella and many more are there . I love Sip communicator after using it .
    Try it out . After all its free 🙂

    1. @A5h!k…
      You may need to look it some more clearly 🙂 . Which one supports Voice calls to other Google Talk users ?
      We are not looking for chat, but for voice 🙂 .

  25. I’ve tried gtalk installer under lucid’s latest beta 2, with wine 1.2 I do this test with evere new ubuntu distribution since 2006, but still no luck 🙁 ). The installer does not report any error, but the program does not work (internal error…). Gtalx is far from being usable it still needs a lot of work, but is the only one that at least are promising file transfer for gtalk, I hope they can get us some stable and better finished one, so we normal users can give it a try.

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