Bad Company 2 Squad Tactics

Colin featured the following video by Coyno on his channel yesterday and I think it’s worth posting here. Bad Company 2 squad tactics on Valparaiso. I’ve only watched part 1 but I love how they distracted the enemy while someone else on their team got the plant on the one […]


Bad Company 2 Attacking Tips

Bad Company 2 attacking tips for Laguna Presa, Isla Inocentes and Arica Harbor. I’ve had these tabs open in my browser for weeks. It’s about time I posted them. I’d love to get tips for playing rush on Atacama Desert! Anyone?


I don’t think anyone plays Bad Company …

I don’t think anyone plays Bad Company 2 Onslaught any more. Or at least hardly anyone does and it’s only been out a short while (which makes things worse!) If Onslaught is the bastard child of Bad Company 2 that nobody wants to know about then it’s curtains for it. […]


Buying a house in Ireland

Buying a house will probably be the biggest purchase most people will make in their lives. The process is littered with the baggage of ages, you have to get your own engineer, a solicitor must check the title of the land even though it may be a new estate, money […]

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