I don’t think anyone plays Bad Company …

I don’t think anyone plays Bad Company 2 Onslaught any more. Or at least hardly anyone does and it’s only been out a short while (which makes things worse!)

If Onslaught is the bastard child of Bad Company 2 that nobody wants to know about then it’s curtains for it. In Onslaught review Fieldoperative suggests some disturbing figures for Xbox usage of the game:

I don’t wanna be dramatic and everything, but have you checked the latest Major Nelson‘s Xbox Live Activity lists? Well, for a whole month now BFBC2 has dropped even below COD4! Which is very alarming, because when once in a while I play a few COD4 matches, I check how many people are online and there aren’t more than 20.000-25.000 at any given time!

If there are fewer than 20,000 people playing Bad Company 2 regularly then it’s going to be really hard to play Onslaught, a DLC that requires further monetary commitment.

Anyway, I had a quick game over lunch. I went looking for an “easy” game, any level, and found a game on Valparaiso, played by a solitary soldier, SKMG42, fighting against the odds. He had made it right to the last base when I joined and with only a few kills left the game ended in a win. He scored 155 kills, but it took 33 minutes to do it! I stuck around for the next one and we had a chat about the game. Unfortunately his friends haven’t bought the DLC and he spend quite some time looking for a game to play. I presume he created a “public game” but it took 33 minutes for someone to join him? That’s depressing and a bad sign.
We had fun, I came out of the game with 79 kills and 3 deaths. We were desperately looking for an engineer kit in the last base to take out the tank but all the enemy soldiers are assault or medics! Took us 12 minutes this time. Not great but there were only the 2 of us there.

I joined Mike in a game last night and ended up playing against him first. I hopped in a tank doing some damage to his team and he almost blew up the vehicle with C4 but got killed just before he hit the trigger. When the tank did blow I quit and asked him to invite me later. Which he did! I ended up on his team attacking and had good fun.
Here’s a tip (if you didn’t know it already), if you’re attacking lay down C4 on the crate. We were attacking on Port Valdez. I took a quad bike and raced down to Alpha with Mike. Dived into the house and plastered explosive all over it. Jumped out and pressed the trigger. 360 points later and I had a big grin on my face. 🙂

We eventually won the round. A memorable moment in the last base was when Muse got killed by a medic sitting on top of a filing cabinet next to Bravo. I took the medic out, grabbed Muse’s medic kit and revived him. We defended the crate until it blew! Woo!

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  1. Oh thats sad about Onslaught. I tried to join a Hard match and there wasn’t any. I thought it was a server issue but I guess not. Can it be reasonably said that only maybe 100 people are playing onslaught at on time? According to bfbc2.eu about 21000 are online right now. I don’t know whats going to keep people playing for much longer. more maps? I doubt there will be new ones.

    1. More often than not I’ll create a public game instead. I doubt there’ll be new maps either, especially going on their past history with BF 1943.

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