Bad Company 2 Heavy Metal

My first game on the new maps in Map Pack 7 was Heavy Metal. I didn’t do much but drive tanks, jeeps and man the gun on a heli but it was fun and we won in the end. This is one huge map!

Map Pack 7 for Bad Company 2 came out to…

Map Pack 7 for Bad Company 2 came out today and while there are a few niggling problems with servers, I had a few games on the new maps. I’m currently uploading a game from Heavy Metal but it’ll take another hour.

I played a couple of games of conquest after my game of Heavy Metal and in each I joined teams being trounced. So much for the skill matching!

I joined a game on Cold War rush and there was only myself and another attacker. We tore through the map in double quick time. Duck and I tried to join another game but got booted into rush on Nelson Bay where again we were the only attackers with no defenders. “You take A, I’ll take B”. Oh well, free points I guess! 🙂