Gaming History in Pictures

A few games I found recently while sorting through boxes at home:

  • Quake 3 tin box, Linux edition. I wrote an article about this for the Irish Times a few years ago.
  • Double Dragon, C64 version, I posted pictures of this before of course.
  • Gyroscope, the first 5 1/4 disk based game I owned on the C64. It was given to me by someone, can’t remember who now but I used it later for Stunt Car Racer and even printed the loading screen from that game on a dot matrix printer for the disk cover.
  • The excellent Stunt Car Racer manual and box cover.
  • The System 3 Premier Collection and Thalamus The Hits compilations were the pride of my games collection at one time. I still remember the excitement of getting those boxes in the post.
  • C64 Cabal, tape version. Brilliant game. I remember spending as much time tinkering with the game ASM code as playing it..
  • Half Life 2 Collector’s Edition and Half Life 1. Steam was launched when HL2 was released and I was recently able to register the HL1 CD key in Steam and download that great game.

Pangea Arcade is free on the Mac App sto…

Pangea Arcade is free on the Mac App store right now. There are 3 classic arcade games in this app based on Centipede, Asteroids and Missile Command so there’s plenty of gameplay on offer here!

I’m trying to install it but the App Store has frozen on my machine. Hopefully it’ll stop being a buggy POS sometime this morning so I can download this. *sigh* (Thanks James for the news!)


MAME saves the day

Arcade emulator MAME saved the day for a software developer working on a mobile port of Spy Hunter.

Fascinating read about extracting the assets from the game to speed up development. Shame how the lawyers treated the guy who extracted the sound effects! (via)


I was a big fan of Stunt Car Racer on th…

I was a big fan of Stunt Car Racer on the C64, and later played it on the Amiga too but I never knew about Stunt Car Racer TNT.

TNT is an extra tracks mod of the Amiga version released a few years ago by AmiGer. Here’s his announcement post:

Stunt Car Racer TNT (The New Tracks) will be released around christmas.


Eight new tracks:

Track parameters changed:
start positions, start height, damage sensitivity, boost count

AI speed adjusted/changed for all tracks

Some visual adjustments
e.g. race colours, track names gfx dropped, title screen modified etc.

AGA fixed

Cracked 🙂

Long time readers will know my dislike for Blur and I’ve hardly played NFS Hot Pursuit since I got it last month but Stunt Car Racer gripped me like no other racer since. It required perfectly timed boosts, cornering and was literally a rollercoaster of a ride.


Rocky Memphis and The Temple of Ophuxoff

If you’re an older gamer who loved the classic gameplay of Rick Dangerous and other platformers you’ll love Rocky Memphis and The Temple of Ophuxoff, a freeware game made by Trevor (Smilia) Storey and Stuart Collier.

It’s a huge 600 screen platformer to explore so this won’t be finished quickly. It’s “casual gamer” friendly too as there are infinite lives and you can save the game at any time, and you can upload your top scores to the game website. It’s also available for Windows and Mac OS X so you (probably) don’t have any excuse for not trying it!

Here’s an interview with the authors including titbits about their Last Ninja remake, and news of their Myth remake too. They also shed some light on sales of the commercial Armalyte remake. If I had a PC I’d buy that in an instant!


VVVVVV Preview

I have a new favourite game and it’s VVVVVV. I’d never heard of this game until this post brought it to my attention.

Apparently it’s an indie hit on modern platforms, but here it is for the venerable C64! Having played it I’m tempted to buy the modern original game and I’m looking forward to seeing the final C64 version!

So, go grab a C64 emulator like Vice or any of the other ones out there and give it a whirl. If you’ve no idea what I’m talking about check out the faq on

Great game.


The Insane Console History Video 2.0

Amazing video by Eliot Hagen. So far I’ve got to 1978 and I haven’t seen that console my parents bought us all those years ago. Eliot is more than right, I don’t recognise most of those old consoles.

Streaming is so slow I created a Vimeo account so I could download the file. It’s currently downloading at 60k/s from Amazon S3 so it’ll be a few hours before I get a chance to watch the whole thing.


Microprose Soccer, World Cup 2010 Edition

Wow, I’m impressed. AEG Soft have modified the original C64 version of Microprose Soccer and updated it. It now has the teams that will appear in this year’s World Cup in South Africa!

My brothers loved this game back in the day, and I played it a small bit too. If I was a football fan I’d probably boot up Vice to play it too. Anyone going to try it?


World of Goo Giveaway

World of Goo, an amazing game by 2D Boy is one of my favourite games of last year. I originally bought it as part of a Mac Heist bundle and played it on Mac and Linux. I haven’t finished it yet, I got stuck on one level and never got back to it but I will, one of these days! Don’t believe me that this game is amazing? Check out metacritic review!

Anyway, as you may have read I bought the games in the Humble Indie Bundle a few days ago. Included in that bundle was World of Goo. As luck would have it, the guys at 2D Boy emailed their customers to tell them about the new bundle so I replied that it was too late, I had already bought it. I asked if I could give away my second copy of World of Goo and a few hours later Ron replied in the affirmative!

So, how do you get World of Goo for free? It’s very simple really. Leave a comment on this post telling me about your first videogaming experience. How old you were, what computer or console was it, what game, the fond memories.

Closing date is Friday May 21st. That gives you 10 days. I’ll close this post to new comments then and pick a winner over the weekend, announcing the result in a new post on Sunday probably. I won’t email the winner so you’ll need to keep an eye on the blog, just in case you win! Leave another comment and I’ll get in touch.

I’ll set the ball rolling with my story. It was probably around 1980, or maybe a year or two before or after that when my dad brought home a new toy. It was a dedicated gaming console. It was cartridge based, and had 10 “sports” games on it. It had a version of pong on it, kinda like the game Wall-E plays. It had a skeet shooting game, one where a ball had to be guided through the spaces in vertical bars and more. The graphics were simple character blocks but it was so playable! It came with 2 paddles so my brothers and I could play against each other.
Unfortunately I don’t know what the machine was called. The cartridge was beige coloured, the case was beige and orange (AFAIR) and chrome surrounded the game selection buttons. The paddles were grey and slotted into the machine. Bonus points if anyone can dig up a photo of it!
I think it may eventually have been traded in for a Commodore Vic-20 but it might just as easily have ended up in a skip years later.


Colour Amstrad CPC 6128 on Ebay

Retro Treasures has the scoop on an Amstrad CPC 6128 for sale on Ebay! The current bid is 49 Pounds Sterling but there’s 6 days left.

How nostalgic are you?