VVVVVV Preview

I have a new favourite game and it’s VVVVVV. I’d never heard of this game until this post brought it to my attention.

Apparently it’s an indie hit on modern platforms, but here it is for the venerable C64! Having played it I’m tempted to buy the modern original game and I’m looking forward to seeing the final C64 version!

So, go grab a C64 emulator like Vice or any of the other ones out there and give it a whirl. If you’ve no idea what I’m talking about check out the faq on

Great game.

By Donncha

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Donncha, the original is still (I think) just US$5 if you buy direct from the author. It’s very charming.

I’m just after ordering it. I installed the Mac demo and from the readme saw that the author is in Trinity in Dublin. Sweet.

Sucks I got caught to pay VAT though. Didn’t expect that!

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