Giants: Citizen Kabuto going cheap!

If you want a humorous FPS and have $2.99 to spare you can’t really get any better than Giants: Citizen Kabuto. It’s 50% off right now as part of an Interplay promotion at GOG.

It’s an old game, released back in the dawn of time (or the year 2000, whichever came first) but it holds up well. There’s very funny dialogue, the graphics were amazing for their time and still look great. Back then you’d be hard pressed to find a machine that could play it well but that’s not a problem with any sort of modern machine.

Go on, go on, go on. It’s lots of fun and I can’t recommend it enough.

Wing Commander IV

Oh look what I found at home a few days ago! A boxed copy of Wing Commander IV for Windows 95 and DOS. I have never even played this and honestly don’t remember buying it but since GOG have just released the third game in the series I should give this a go. The game comes on 6 CDs so I might just wait until the GOG release of one nicely zipped up download. I wonder if they’ll give me a discount if I send them a scan of the barcode?

I also found Resident Evil 2 for PC, which boldly says it only requires a P166. Imagine that. A PC running on a 166MHz CPU. How quaint. My phone is close to ten times faster than that. Gulp.


No, not the podcast, but a Polish game released in 2004 and it’s on now. Yesterday it was priced at $3.99 and I jumped at the chance after watching the Zero Punctuation review and a couple of Youtube gameplay videos. Looks very old school like Quake, Doom or Serious Sam!

It’s back to $9.99 now however.