Gaming History in Pictures

A few games I found recently while sorting through boxes at home:

  • Quake 3 tin box, Linux edition. I wrote an article about this for the Irish Times a few years ago.
  • Double Dragon, C64 version, I posted pictures of this before of course.
  • Gyroscope, the first 5 1/4 disk based game I owned on the C64. It was given to me by someone, can’t remember who now but I used it later for Stunt Car Racer and even printed the loading screen from that game on a dot matrix printer for the disk cover.
  • The excellent Stunt Car Racer manual and box cover.
  • The System 3 Premier Collection and Thalamus The Hits compilations were the pride of my games collection at one time. I still remember the excitement of getting those boxes in the post.
  • C64 Cabal, tape version. Brilliant game. I remember spending as much time tinkering with the game ASM code as playing it..
  • Half Life 2 Collector’s Edition and Half Life 1. Steam was launched when HL2 was released and I was recently able to register the HL1 CD key in Steam and download that great game.

4 thoughts on “Gaming History in Pictures

  1. Very cool. This reminds me of my autogameography, a recollection of the games that really meant something to me or can be attached to very memorable or distinct periods of my life. Must try and post that again. I’d love to hear yours. 🙂

    1. “Autogameography”, what a great word! I remember you mentioned something about that in a recent post didn’t you? I’ll have to think about that but there are definitely a few stand-out games I could write about.

  2. It’s awesome. I have some games for my old C64 on tapes. My also still have my ZX Spectrum. I could also find some first games for that machine from hell.

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