Retro Asylum on Stunt Car Racer

The guys on the Retro Asylum podcast played Stunt Car Racer this month. That game is one of my favourites. A wild roller coaster of a game where you literally drive a car around a roller coaster. I played the C64 version for hours on end and listening to them […]


Trackmania: The Modern Stunt Car Racer

This is Stunt Car Racer, the first racing game I ever obsessed about. There were others that interested me, Pitstop II and Buggy Boy among them but I really loved Stunt Car Racer. So much so, that when I got a C64 emulator working on a Nokia 7650, this game […]


I was a big fan of Stunt Car Racer on th…

I was a big fan of Stunt Car Racer on the C64, and later played it on the Amiga too but I never knew about Stunt Car Racer TNT. TNT is an extra tracks mod of the Amiga version released a few years ago by AmiGer. Here’s his announcement post: […]

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