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Letterman destroys Paris Hilton

I’ve been away from my computer for a while so please excuse me if you’ve seen this already. Paris Hilton appeared on the Letterman Show to plug her new perfume, but he’s more interested in her jail time .. Certainly funnier than her last video!

Via the blog that’s ripping stuff from my funny video blog so I’m not going to give them a link. Nar! Nar!


The Paris Hilton video

Paris Hilton makes headlines all over the world just for being her but her sex video, “One Night in Paris” made her even more infamous! Now just hanging out with Britney Spear isn’t enough. The video released by ex-boyfriend, Rick Salomon caused quite a stir.

Now here exclusively is Paris Hilton’s new video! Check out the video here for download. Be careful, it’s shiny!

(Yes, this is like Pamela Anderson’s latest video, and yes, this is the last time I’ll recycle this joke!)

What is it about Paris Hilton that made you search for her video today?

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Paris Hilton & me

One photographer’s story of when he saw Paris Hilton. Her bodyguards stopped him taking a photo. I presume the incident didn’t happen in public? He should have used a telephoto lens!

The second bouncer stops me via a mild bodycheck, which I return in kind to him.
“No pictures?”
“No pictures”


Yay! Paris Hilton in the news again!

As Mark says, Paris Hilton’s phone got hacked and her phone book was posted online. *Yawn*
Yes, there are pictures too but they’re the usual camera phone quality. No doubt a few of them will make it into the banner ads of some less than savoury websites shortly!
And yes, this is an excuse to name Paris Hilton on my blog. She is the most searched for female in Ireland. Thanks Darragh – is going to be up there with the celeb sites for the latest trash news and speculation! 🙂
Much later… Now you too can see Paris Hilton’s cellphone for yourself. The guys at liquidgeneration have recreated her phone on the web and it’s extraordinary! hehe.


Posh and friends strip for charity

Posh and friends strip for charity
A new book will feature photos of Sarah Ferguson, Paris Hilton, Kate Moss and Geri Halliwell and it’s in aid of the Elton John Aids Foundation.

Victoria Beckham has been photographed naked – aside from a piece of Cartier jewellery and a pair of Jimmy Choo shoes – for charity.

Run, run, run away!!!!