Yay! Paris Hilton in the news again!

As Mark says, Paris Hilton’s phone got hacked and her phone book was posted online. *Yawn*
Yes, there are pictures too but they’re the usual camera phone quality. No doubt a few of them will make it into the banner ads of some less than savoury websites shortly!
And yes, this is an excuse to name Paris Hilton on my blog. She is the most searched for female in Ireland. Thanks Darragh – blogs.linux.ie is going to be up there with the celeb sites for the latest trash news and speculation! 🙂
Much later… Now you too can see Paris Hilton’s cellphone for yourself. The guys at liquidgeneration have recreated her phone on the web and it’s extraordinary! hehe.

3 thoughts on “Yay! Paris Hilton in the news again!

  1. Today a radio station in Syracuse, NY aired Paris Hilton’s New Cell Phone #. Since it is already public knowledge I guess I can’t get into any trouble. Her new cel number is 213-253-8358

  2. Paris may be the most searched for female in Ireland, but my sense is that she is one of the most searched for females in the world. When you add up her exposure for going to jail for the DUI she received, the recent creation of “The Paris Hilton Podcast,” her debut album about a year ago, and the recent business relationship she established with YouTube, it is clear to see that Paris has a first-rate marketing firm that “makes things happen.”

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