Letterman destroys Paris Hilton

I’ve been away from my computer for a while so please excuse me if you’ve seen this already. Paris Hilton appeared on the Letterman Show to plug her new perfume, but he’s more interested in her jail time .. Certainly funnier than her last video!

Via the blog that’s ripping stuff from my funny video blog so I’m not going to give them a link. Nar! Nar!

10 thoughts on “Letterman destroys Paris Hilton

  1. Brilliant! Letterman really took the piss out of Paris. Can you imagine how Pat Kenny would have handled it? He would have been so over-awed by her celebrity that he wouldn’t dare ridicule her.

  2. John, I hadn’t thought of that. He would have made a complete mess of the interview. I’d like to see Today FM’s Ray Foley and JP interview her, although I think they might be a little star struck too!

  3. Of course, Paris has gotten way too much free press for way too long. And I didn’t mind Letterman taking her to task a little bit. But I thought he kind of when on with it a little too long.

    Actually, I thought he went on with it way too long. Hell, even I was uncomfortable watching it!


  4. Never heard her interviewed before so didn’t appreciate how very stupid she is.

    She really couldn’t handle Letterman. She took ages to cotton on, then she did look really uncomfortable. At one point, she looks offstage to her assistant for help.

    I wonder what Jonathan Woss would do to her – ooh err.

  5. Personally I don’t think she’s as awful a person as she’s made out to be, just very under socialized and not intellectually curious, but once again she’s her own worst enemy on this issue.

    Had she done the public apology song and dance after getting out of the pokey all this would be long behind her. Instead she went on Larry King and came across as someone who learned nothing from the experience.

    You have to wonder about the media people advising Paris Hilton. Her entire promotional strategy is built on the most recent thing she’s done to degraded herself in public. Having no other achievements to note beyond having really boring sex on camera with some creep who later sold the tape did they expect that Letterman was going to be interested in talking about her new perfume?

  6. okay, that is really funny. i love how he just keeps coming back to it. she should be able to talk about it and how she has benefited from it. it’s part of her life. instead, she makes the horrendous comment that she is just there to promote her x,y,z product lines. amazing. btw, Donncha, just wanted to say thanx for all the posts in the WP and WPMU forums you do. it really helps us WP users!

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