Mode Pack #6 is apparently coming to Bad…

Mode Pack #6 is apparently coming to Bad Company 2 next week according to this post. No details, and I haven’t checked the BfBC2 store but it fits in with their monthly giveaway of new maps mode packs. So, we’re not going to see new maps. That’s clear enough already. […]


Bad Habits

swordsmanx75 covers some of the bad habits he’s developed while playing first person shooters. I was very interested to hear about his FPS Freek one. He uses the joint of his thumb to aim so I hopped in a game tonight to see what I do. I think I use […]


Leaked Bad Company 2 Server Files

Over on reddit is a report that files necessary for running your own Bad Company 2 server have got into the wild. I don’t have any interest in them except for the fact that hacks will appear and script kiddies will play hacked BC2 games. On PC it may become […]


Chances are, if the only videos you uplo…

Chances are, if the only videos you upload to Youtube are Modern Warfare 2 videos I have or will unsubscribe from your channel. Sorry, but I never watch them any more. Removing myself from Machinima alone has made a huge difference to my subscription page!


It really baffles me why Modern Warfare …

It really baffles me why Modern Warfare 2 is played more than Bad Company 2. Dice got so many things right and the game doesn’t suffer from the numerous bugs MW2 does. I really can’t understand why the complainers, the most vocal dissenters still play it and don’t move on […]


Centre before aiming

I’ve read many times that you should be facing where the enemy is before aiming down the sight in first person shooters. If the single player campaign in Bad Company 2 or Modern Warfare 2 is good for anything it’s for practicing this. Disable aim assist and face your enemy […]


Modern Warfare 2 spec ops is great fun w…

Modern Warfare 2 spec ops is great fun when you have friends and family over. MW2 multiplayer may have it’s problems but today all my family and in-laws were over to celebrate my son’s birthday. A few games of spec ops was called for with so many games players in […]


Making healthy babies with WoodysGamertag

WoodysGamertag has organised a charity drive to help March for Babies a charity that helps potential mothers give birth to healthy babies. In 4 days he’s collected US$8,000. If you donate $50 you can even play against WoodysGamertag. Here’s his followup video giving with his reaction to the donations raised […]

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