Terminator Salvation Review

So, the reviews are mixed but mostly bad but don’t let them put you off. I went to see Terminator Salvation last night and, maybe because of my low expectations, I enjoyed the movie! The movie won’t strain your brain cells, it’s a pure action film with huge robots, explosions, fights and a mostly straight […]

We can have a good world

Watch Hans Rosling’s great talk at TED 2006 where he, “demonstrates how developing countries are pulling themselves out of poverty. He shows us the next generation of his Trendalyzer software — which analyzes and displays data in amazingly accessible ways, allowing people to see patterns previously hidden behind mountains of stats. (Ten days later, he […]

The end of the world

How will it end? I watched Earthstorm last night in which the moon was hit by a huge asteroid causing a gigantic split in the surface of our closest neighbour and potentially slicing off a bit that falls into the Earth killing everyone. Luckily, demolition expert John Redding (played by Stephen Baldwin who’s the spit […]

Top five movie car chases

The Sunday Times hitlist listed the top 5 movie car chases in memory of the grandfather of stunts, Bud Ekins died earlier this month at the age of 77. He appeared in several films including The Great Escape, Bullitt and coordinated the stunts in CHiPS. I won’t subject you to Poncherello, but thanks to Youtube, […]

Boycott Star Wars, not Ewan McGregor

A recent comment urged the boycotting of Ewan McGregor on the grounds that he has insulted Star Wars fans. I don’t know what he did to make them mad but I think Star Wars should be boycotted on the premise that they were crap films and the sooner the whole merchandising juggernaut disappears the better. […]


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