Tiny Little Kitten

Tiny little kitten

A tiny little kitten wandered into the dog’s kennel this morning and started to meow her heart out. She’s so small I can fit her in one hand. She tried to befriend and approach a local tomcat but he didn’t want anything to do with her. Thankfully Adam kept his distance from the new “baby” and I was able to feed her heavily diluted milk in a syringe.

Not sure what’s going to happen next.

18 thoughts on “Tiny Little Kitten

  1. My neighbour says she say/heard the mother calling on the back road so I caught the kitten and planted her on the ditch. Patches, probably her dad, is around too but only showing a small bit of interest.

    Hopefully mom will come and rescue her kitten!

  2. You now realise that you have a kitten and his/her Dad for life!! Increase the milk order methinks. Look on the bright side when they start to bring you presents on the back step!! Been there…

    We have a goldfish – the perfect pet!

  3. Unfortunately it’s possible the kitten is dead as I haven’t heard anything from her since I let her go in the ditch. We were outside in the garden most of the afternoon too.
    Her mother appeared later which fills me with dread at what may have happened to her. I’ll keep an ear out for the meow!

    1. I’ve been rescuing kittens since I was 12, and they are very resistant furballs. If you feed her and she’s able to eat by herself she’ll grow and return to you, unless her mother appears. Only is she’s too young to eat and poop by herself she’ll die, probably in three or four days. She may be able to find her mother (or viceversa) if they are not that far away. If you find her again, feed her.

  4. I’m not so sure that kittens get dead so easy if their mums are around. Mebbe its mum whisked it off somewhere a bit safer (and then grounded it for wandering off before!).

    Hope so!

  5. The kitten’s ok I think. There are 4 kittens in our back garden now. Daddy cat is lying asleep on our bin and the kittens are playing down by the shed!

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