How to get tax relief on your mortgage payments

Instead of spending 10 minutes on hold with your bank, or calling TRS at Revenue at 1890 463626 just go to where you can enter you PPS number and details of your mortgage and your bank will be informed overnight of any changes such as, oh, like getting married.
10 minutes.. grr.

7 thoughts on “How to get tax relief on your mortgage payments

  1. 10 minutes is nothing to complain about. Here in Sweden, “service-minded” has no valid translation. Our fridge stopped working at the weekend. The compressor gave up. The fridge is four weeks old, having been a replacement for its faulty predecessor. I rang on Monday morning, 10 am, pressed “1” when prompted, and waited seventeen minutes to get through to the service department. They booked a service guy to come out and look at the fridge (just “look”, not “fix”)… on the 8th of June. Two weeks without the fridge.

    10 minutes’ hold time… pah… luxury!

  2. Wow, that’s bad. 4 weeks old and it died? I do have another horror story though – when I was in Chicago with an ex-girlfriend she wanted me to ring an immigration department because of a delay with her SSN. I rang at 8am that morning from my office and was on hold until the office closed at 3pm! Lucky the number was toll free!
    Needless to say, we popped into a local office and were seen within an hour or so..

  3. Same here Steve. In the UK if you are on customer services for less than half an hour, then it means you got through to a wrong number!

  4. Hi
    I’ve just purchased a house with my partner, This is my second house and his first. Can anyone tell me how the TRS is worked our for us and what rate it will be???

  5. Siobhan – if you bought your first house less than 5 years ago then you’ll probably get the first time buyers grant, but otherwise I don’t think you’ll qualify. You should speak to someone at Revenue who can give you a comprehensive answer.

  6. Hi,

    One of mine best finance adviser friend suggested me this article yesterday from facebook.

    And I agree with her as this is really very helpful informative article about mortgage,shared with other business partners.

    Business Developer

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