No. I am your father

Happy birthday Star Wars! Apparently you’re 35 today! I’m not a fan of you though. I only saw this scene in French while I was an exchange student in the town of Morlaix in Brittany many years ago and other films I saw in English had such wooden acting I had to stop watching. My son is a fan though but only from the Lego games. In a bizarre twist, he knows the main characters yet hasn’t seen the movies.

Even though I never saw this scene in English I still thought the quote from this scene was, “Luke, I am Your Father”. It’s so famous, it’s listed on this page of misquotations!

Lots of mattresses too. Love that. Comfy. (via)

(Thanks C_64 for tweeting about the birthday!)

2 thoughts on “No. I am your father

  1. About 10 years ago I was talking to someone and he said something along the lines of, “…like in Star Wars.” When I said I hadn’t seen them he gave me the strangest look. I still haven’t watched through any of the episodes from beginning to end.

    1. Hehe, I haven’t seen them all completely either. Only bits and pieces of them which must annoy a friend of mine as he’s a huge fan of the films.

      I only sat down to watch ET a few weeks ago and then didn’t watch all of it because it was a little scary for Adam. (and TBH, a little too slow for my tastes!)

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