Batman: Arkham Asylum reviews roll in

Oh yes, I remember well the original Batman The Movie game. Bloody good it was, even if I didn’t get that far in it. Amazing music to top it all off. I can still hear the first level beat in my head all these years later.
I only played it on the C64 but the Zzap 64! screenshots of the Amiga version had me wishing I owned the more powerful 16 bit machine.

Batman The Movie, C64
Batman The Movie, C64

Batman The Movie, Amiga
Batman The Movie, Amiga

Actually, I remember seeing the flip screen Batman The Caped Crusader on someone’s Amstrad CPC 464 too but I never got into that sort of thing myself.

This year’s “Batman: Arkham Asylum” is another story altogether. I played the demo on Xbox Live last weekend and was blown away first by the amazing intro and the visuals, but then by how easy it was to swing from Gargoyle to Gargoyle, doing the Batman thing! The demo itself isn’t that long but it’s a great taster for what’s to come!

batman attack

The guys at Joystiq loved the game too, giving the game a very favourable review, even going so far as to say,

Easily the best video game 2009 has had to offer thus far.

The game’s Metacritic score has hit a very impressive 91 putting it in the 20 of Xbox 360 games.

Yes, of course the game is on my wishlist. Now if only there were 26 hours in a day…

PS. Just in case you’re not convinced, check out this metareview of lots of other glowing reviews. I want!

8 thoughts on “Batman: Arkham Asylum reviews roll in

  1. You had a C64!! You lucky sod. I only had a Sinclair Spectrum although I recently purchased a C64 on eBay! Got one in the end 🙂

    1. I had a Speccy too, great machine! Sometimes I think about buying a C64 again but then I realise I don’t have time to do anything with it or space to put it somewhere. 🙁

  2. I had [have] Batman: The Movie for the Amiga. It was one of those games which is still clear in my mind. I remember buying it in a branch of Toymaster, bringing it home and playing it for ages with a friend. It became a cult game between the two of us, phrases relating to the game can still sometimes come into conversation. One phrase is taken from the batmobile levels where damage to the car was demonstrated using smoke: “Smokin’, not a lot just a bit” for when somethings banjaxed but still working. The abridged version of some of the movies dialog used in the game became a general expression for surprise or awesomeness: “Jack is dead [my friend]… the Joker lives!” the my friend seems to have gotten added over time.

    Oh and my copy of the game came with a “Top Secret” envelope with a cheat for the game inside. The word to type in was “Jammmmm”, I remember it well because it never worked, no matter how fucking M’s I put at the end lol

  3. So, I bought the game today (traded in a load of DVDs and a Wii game so it only cost me 21.50 Euro) and played it for an hour or so this evening. Wow, love it 🙂

  4. To be quite Frank, The new Batman video game is the best in its class. I have played a couple of classic Batman games but could never like anyone of those just like the Batman Movies i guess.
    The attached video in this blog is what inspired me on playing this game.
    I rate it a must have to all gamers.

  5. I had Batman: The Movie on the Amiga – we must have played it to death. Used to play it with my brothers but we all seemed to be better at different levels – the BatWing I think was the hardest.

  6. thanks for taking me back 20 years – had the original on the C64 and loved it !! – I may see if I can get my 13 year old son to put it on his christmas list so poor old dad can have a go.

  7. Wow im getting old, the amiga lol. Id say games have come along ways. Arkham Asylum is awesome though, if anyone is on the edge of the fence whether they should get it or not they should. Hopefully they have the ps3 so they can get some joker action as well, Although I personally think the xbox versions plays a little better. Hard to believe but its smoother.

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