How to graph your Adsense Earnings


Michele blogged about a new simple and easy to use Adsense earnings graphing tool this morning that generates nice graphs.

Besides graphing the average earnings per day it also displays two moving averages which are useful as another indicator of growth. Finally, the gold line is a trend line for the future based on the data submitted.

Before you try it, read the blog post with a more detailed explanation and instructions, then give it a whirl for yourself.

What I would love to see are width and height parameters so I could resize the graph before it’s generated. Resizing afterwards antialiases the text and makes it difficult to read.

Yes, as you can see from the graph, December was a good month.


What do I really do with my SSIA?

Tom Raftery interviewed Eddie Hobbs two weeks ago as part of the IT@Cork pre conference podcast. He covers a range of subjects including investment in IT and residential vs commercial property investments. I’m downloading it now and will listen to it shortly!

There are also interviews with other Conference speakers, including Salim Ismail and Hugh MacLeod. The IT@Cork Business Without Boundaries Conference is looking like a good event to attend. I’ll be there with my camera so expect some photos on my photoblog shortly afterwards!

Humour Movies When-in-Ireland

Really I need a mugger who can file my Vat returns

Comedian Dara O Briain is interviewed by Rose Costello in the Sunday Times “Fame and Fortune” column this week. If you’ve never seen him on tv or perform live then check out the clips at the end of this post!

As a self employed person I took to heart his recommendation that, “Oh yeah, and if you’re self-employed, get an offset mortgage.” You pay tax once a year, all that dosh is building up in your current account, doing what? You might as well get it working and paying off the mortgage. As soon as my fixed rate loan period is up …

How much money do you normally have in your wallet and do you carry anything unusual or sentimental in it?

I never have cash in my wallet at any time — so take that, you brigands and banditos, you’ll get nothing from me. Instead I carry around months and months of receipts. Really I need a mugger who can file my Vat returns.

York Model Railway Station

Update! Dara was on Podge & Rodge’s show the other night! Here’s the obligatory Youtube video: (via)


WordPress.. earn a buck releasing free software

So, Matt accepted articles for publication on the WordPress website that are not WP related. They are (were? The Google searches linked to don’t return anything) there for generating revenue and nothing more.
There are plenty of ways to make money doing free software, but they usually mean doing work for someone else and sometimes that code doesn’t get released. Or you rely on the goodwill of others to donate and that doesn’t happen often!

Matt’s done a huge amount of work for WordPress and I wish him well finding another source of revenue to cover his hosting costs, compensation for his time and other costs.

(via Garret)


10 MORE Ways to Make Money with Your Digital Cameras

Following on from the original article, here are 10 more ways to make money with your digital camera!
Hmm, I could do some of these things!


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