Phoar! What a spike!

I released WP Super Cache 0.5.3 on Friday last. From the stats it looks like people are upgrading which is good news! This version has a number of fixes and improvements: If your blog is installed in a sub-directory you’ll want to upgrade. This version fixes the mod_rewrite rules that […]


Digg users will love this

Version 0.5.1 of WP Super Cache is now available! This release of the plugin will be especially useful for Digg and Slashdot users who experience really huge traffic spikes. This post has been dugg! Add your Digg here! I doubt it’ll get anywhere near the front page at this stage […]


Why I think StumbleUpon is better than Digg

Compare the following two graphs taken from Google Analytics. Hits from StumbleUpon Hits from Digg At first glance, an appearance on Digg.com looks great! All those lovely hits. 5 times more in a few hours than StumbleUpon sent over a few days. What you don’t see there is the bounce […]


How well did Super Cache handle the digg?

I must admit making the front page of Digg.com wasn’t the nail biting experience I expected. $ grep “GET /2007/11/05/wordpress-super-cache-01/” access.log.1|grep digg -c 4686 My Super Cache announcement only drew 4686 visitors which is an ultra-light Digg. The Digg page for the post received 808 diggs as of a few […]


Life after Text Link Ads

Hi, my name is Donncha and I used to have text-link-ads on my blog. They’re gone now but only after Google slapped me into submission and reduced my page rank to 4. Initially I felt angry and shocked that this happened but I have no excuse, I heard it from […]

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