QTParted – Partition Magic for Linux

Well, not quite. This is a Qt frontend to GNU parted. I have a spare 20GB hardrive here so I’ll see what it can do with that!
It’s also available as an RPM on apt-get, but I’m not sure which repository. Here’s the contents of my sources.list:

rpm redhat/9/en/i386 os updates extra
rpm-src redhat/9/en/i386 os updates extra

rpm redhat/9/i386 os updates freshrpms
rpm-src redhat/9/i386 os updates freshrpms

rpm redhat/9/en/i386 utelsystems
rpm-src redhat/9/en/i386 utelsystems
rpm redhat/en/i386/9.0 newrpms
rpm-src redhat/en/i386/9.0 newrpms

(via the ILUG!)

By Donncha

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4 replies on “QTParted – Partition Magic for Linux”

Did you find a ready-make rpm of qt-parted for Redhat? I could really use that! I’ve been struggling for the last couple of hours of compiling every library from sources, just to end up with: “configure: error: cannot compute sizeof (char *), 77” in the ./configure stage of qt-parted. Very frustrating….

I’m sorry, but qtparted don’t manage partitions like partition magic for windows. it can’t merge resize and format to system file of other OS.

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