Phoar! What a spike!

I released WP Super Cache 0.5.3 on Friday last. From the stats it looks like people are upgrading which is good news! This version has a number of fixes and improvements: If your blog is installed in a sub-directory you’ll want to upgrade. This version fixes the mod_rewrite rules that […]


Digg users will love this

Version 0.5.1 of WP Super Cache is now available! This release of the plugin will be especially useful for Digg and Slashdot users who experience really huge traffic spikes. This post has been dugg! Add your Digg here! I doubt it’ll get anywhere near the front page at this stage […]


And here's a mirror of that 16 …

And here’s a mirror of that 1660 diary, slightly modified though. hehe Jan 11, 1660: Not much happening today. Lost one o my kids in the bog. Jan 12, 1660: Damne bog ate my dog. Off to the pub for a pint. Jan 13, 1660: Walking back from the pub […]


Slashdot | Larry Rosen on the …

Slashdot | Larry Rosen on the Microsoft Penalty Ruling – good reading. How do consumers benefit? No, really! by Enry Both Bill Gates and John Ashcroft talked about how the decision benefits consumers. But there’s nothing really in the decision that changes the way MSFT does business. I can’t call […]

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