Buy your Bad Company 2 Kit!

This post on the Battlefield Blog reveals the cost of the Onslaught mode (around $10/€9) but also mentions they’ll be selling BC2 kits.

Avoid the drudgery of unlocking weapons! Just give EA some of your (or your parent’s) hard earned cash!

Also this month, Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Kit Shortcuts will be available on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 for those players who don’t have time to spend levelling up to unlock all the kit specific items but still want to be competitive with those who have unlocked everything. The Kit Shortcuts will give you the unlocks available for kit each kit while still allowing you to progress through the ranking system as normal and will be available for 560 MS Points/$6.99 individually or if you want the whole bundle of kit shortcuts including the 7 available vehicle unlocks, 1600 MS Points on Xbox Live and $19.99/17.99€. The Kit Shortcuts will be available on Xbox Live Worldwide and European PlayStation Network from 16th June with the North American PlayStation Network having access to the shortcuts from 22nd June.

Next thing the Chinese gold farmers from WOW will descend on console games and do all the hard work of leveling up for us! more on reddit

Later! The Red Dragon has a good commentary on the new map mode pack and shares a good idea about what to do with the extra revenue from those who buy the "shortcuts".

0 thoughts on “Buy your Bad Company 2 Kit!

  1. This is a joke ! They want people to pay £18 to level up. That is best best part of the game and how you know how to play the different roles in the game. The whole game is knowing your role in the team and how to play it.
    If anybody wants to pay this money I think they should look for another game or go back to MW2.

  2. You can do that on Blur and a couple of other games. It’s disappointing. Personally I like to unlock stuff – and I would never pay to gain something that I can get by playing the game that I’d just spent £40-50 on (which is what I chose to do when I bought BFBC2 – I was offered the limited edition for £3 more which would have given me some specs and guns straight away).

    What is the point? When you play online in future you’ll not only have pathetic boosters, but also people PAYING to access the unlocks. Pathetic. This is the sort of bullshit (pardon le Francais) that would make me give up online gaming. First you’ve got nerfing to make all the weapons the same and now they’re basically making it so that if you pay you can be on an equal footing with someone who’s put at least 20 – 30 hours in to a game. Why sodding bother? Don’t bother having achievements or unlocks just make a 3-d version of Battle Pong and be done with it.

    Actually, here’s another idea – let’s just all cheat! Who cares, it’s just a game, and if the publishers think it’s okay then it must be kosher! When I go online I’m grabbing the M60, magnum ammo and I’m gonna sit in a bush for the whole goddamned game – if that’s what they want then why fight it!?


    Man that post has made me blow a gasket!

    1. I’ve seen this on other games as well but never FPS. It is just another way to get money from the consumer.
      Here’s a break down of this game £40 to buy, onslaught £10, Spectra Kit £3.50, Kit unlock £18 and new maps £10 (If brought second hand). That is a total of £81.50 give or take some pounds.
      THAT IS A TOTAL PISS TAKE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      That price could go up if you they bring out more stuff.

      What happen to just buying a game and that’s that.

      1. They haven’t actually released any new maps though. They’ve just added game types to the maps we already had. They’ve released nothing except the Endor Spectat gear. At least IW/Activision attempt to cover up the piss take by releasing new maps mixed in with old ones. Not turn around and go “and because we like you sooooo much we’re going to allow you to play this game type on that map too! Aren’t we brilliant to you? Oh, and if you want to Co-op then that’s ten bucks please…”

        The recent turn of events in the whole gaming industry with DLC and now bullshizzle like this is thoroughly giving me the hump. How about we, the consumers, get cut a break?

        The first company that actually stops being a money grabbing Shylock will become the honey of the community. Respect breeds respect and right now I’ve got none for ANY of the major publishers.

  3. It is unfortunate that they’re going to allow people to buy their guns but it won’t really help them. Players with skill will still beat the crap out of them. Witness Geoff and his friends take on other players in SDM. Even with better weapons they beat them all.

    I have a feeling this is a sign of things to come with all online gaming.

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