This is an experiment. I'll po …

This is an experiment. I’ll post results in a few days.

Anyway, I work at TradeSignals where we help people trade futures by providing them with interactive charting and static charts. Our users can even list their favourite futures symbols and have them refresh every minute so they can keep an eye on progress through out the day. Users even get Streaming Quotes & Charts which has been very popular.
Anyway, getting into futures is very expensive, it’s cut-throat and the wins and losses are phenomenal. You have to watch the markets closely, even the 10 minute-delayed data provided by MyQuotes can be too late to avoid you losing thousands of dollars, either on the bullish or bearish sides of a deal. That’s where Explorer comes into play. Tracking futures commodities via that application is childs-play, sort of. You have buy and sell signals on an interactive Java chart, a serperate messaging window beeps and warns of trades and it’s become invaluable to a number of our customers.

Experiment over .. back to normal service!

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