Fianna Fail – From the Horse's Mouth

Justin MacCarthy’s email to the ILUG this afternoon is worth repeating for wider distribution if only because it reflects the attitudes of not only the ruling party in Ireland but also hold the EU presidency. Worrying.

I had a FF councillor on my doorstep on t night who wanted to know why I wasn’t going to vote for FF. So I told him.

One of the many outrageous things he said:

“software patents are NOT a NATIONAL issue”,
” that I’m an intellectual snob for thinking the referendum was rushed”
” …”most” of those in the antiwar march WERE anti-american. “
“of course we’ll call another referendum if this one goes the wrong way – we can do what we like , we’re the government”
“but india used e-voting”
“the current e-voting machine WILL be used – its just a matter of time”
” of course I don’t trust computers that banks use”

Who will you be voting for tomorrow?

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