StumbleUpon's brief dalliance with CAPTCHAs

I was shocked to see a CAPTCHA this morning when I stumbled a post not yet in the SU database. StumbleUpon to me was and is the one social network where I hadn’t come across reams of spam or annoying behaviour. The overall experience there has been so smooth and […]


Hellloooo to my new StumbleUpon friends!

After asking people to add me to their StumbleUpon network last November I finally logged in again and added about 20 new friends including Ellybabes as you can see from the graphic below. StumbleUpon makes it really easy to add friends and I’m glad to see there are a few […]


Why I think StumbleUpon is better than Digg

Compare the following two graphs taken from Google Analytics. Hits from StumbleUpon Hits from Digg At first glance, an appearance on Digg.com looks great! All those lovely hits. 5 times more in a few hours than StumbleUpon sent over a few days. What you don’t see there is the bounce […]


Stumble upon WordPress.com

Nice! I just noticed that Stumbleupon support WordPress.com by adding the WordPress.com favicon to the SU taskbar. Of course, it’s not the only way to browse WordPress.com, you can always use the Next link to jump to a random blog. The beauty of Stumbleupon, is that someone recommended the link. […]

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