TIL Americans don’t have chocolate Easter eggs

So, is it true that Americans don’t, by and large, eat chocolate Easter eggs on Easter Sunday? That’s something I heard this morning and I’m wondering how that could possibly be true. Who wouldn’t want to eat lots of chocolate? This article says yes, but some of the comments say no. Anyway, […]


Tea and Sandwiches with Donncha

Anyone for tea? Here’s what I usually put into a sandwich: Cucumber Ham Coleslaw And all contained within lightly buttered brown sliced loaf bread. Yum. Here’s the delicious chocolate cake we had in O’Briens in Blackpool Shopping Center a few days ago. Beautiful rich chocolate cake, with a layer of […]


Where have all the Wispas gone?

It’s crisis time here in Blarney. The local SuperValu has run out of Wispa Bars! To console myself I looked at this photo of the Wispa Bar display from a few weeks back. Oh that lovely crumbly chocolate.. I still want one. If that title above doesn’t get you thinking […]


Could I resist? Could I what!

Jacob’s Elite Chocolate Tea Cakes, described on the packet as “mallow cake covered in thick milk chocolate”, but I’d say they’re the ultimate tease of what heaven is like, they’re that nice. Could I resist biting into the lovely chocolate covered biscuit and the creamy, melt in the mouth mallow? […]


It is so easy to make flapjacks!

A garage down the road sells chocolate covered flapjacks. I’ve bought a few in the recent past and savoured every bite but the last time I was down there they only had plain ones! What would I do? My life ground to a halt and in desperation I contemplated droving […]

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Rice Crispy Cakes or Buns?

Let’s ask Google: Rice Crispy Cake – 75 results Rice Crispy Bun – 17 results That’s what the Internet says and I agree. ‘nuf said! For completeness, it should be noted that It’s Kelloggs Rice Krispies but that name is trademarked as Andy just reminded me so people are more […]


Yum, yum, Wagon Wheel Biscuits!

Look, they were on special offer in Dunnes on Sunday so I couldn’t resist. I had to buy them! They were crying out to me! I think almost everyone must remember Wagon Wheels from their youth, and they even made Biscuit of the Week here! Unfortunately, all is not sweet […]