TIL Americans don’t have chocolate Easter eggs

So, is it true that Americans don’t, by and large, eat chocolate Easter eggs on Easter Sunday? That’s something I heard this morning and I’m wondering how that could possibly be true. Who wouldn’t want to eat lots of chocolate? This article says yes, but some of the comments say no.

Anyway, I have a yummy Aero Easter egg. Shouldn’t have finished that half though. Too much! More later!

2 thoughts on “TIL Americans don’t have chocolate Easter eggs

  1. Lots of chocolate is still common, but replace a hollow egg with a hollow bunny. Plenty of other sweets too. My favorites were always the “Robin’s Eggs” that are similar to Whoppers/Malteasers.

  2. Those big, hollow eggs can’t fit inside of plastic eggs! Smaller candies, such as solid small chocolate eggs are more common for that reason I think. The plastic eggs are then hidden.

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