Bush in lala land?

Or in other words, he can’t see the reality he created.
In this review of a speech Bush made a few days ago William Saletan counters and analyzes the words and ideas of the American President.
It really looks like they won’t learn from the past, if they continue to delude themselves about what they’ve done in Iraq, but I’ll leave it to the above article to say it best.. (Was this the speech where Bush tripped over saying, “Abu Ghraib”? That was mentioned on the radio yesterday morning.)
Via Scott who mentions that The New York Times has reconsidered, “the WMD hysteria that marked some of its prewar coverage and marred its reputation.” Even Dave Winer picked up on this which makes me cringe about linking to it!
While we’re on the subject, I started on Mark Little’s Zulu Time – it’s turning out to be a good book, and I’ll post a slightly more detailed review when I finish it!

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