Details of the next Bad Company 2 Patch

Bad Company 2 is going to be patched again shortly and I’ve discovered what changes are coming thanks to this reddit post! Some of the exciting changes include:

  1. Removed ability for gunners to actually hit things while vehicle is moving.
  2. Medics can no longer defibrillate vehicles in order to kill the occupants inside.
  3. The M60 is no longer compatible with the 12x scope.
  4. Added trick functionality to ATV and Quad to encourage players to do sick wheelies and jumps off wicked high cliffs.
  5. Assault kits now have the option to have 40mm confetti when choosing assault weapons. Confetti can be used to trick enemy players into thinking it is their birthday.
  6. Added a number of old west style weapons to promote our upcoming title “Battlefield 1842”.

Can’t wait!

0 thoughts on “Details of the next Bad Company 2 Patch

  1. Okay, I was reading that and this was how it was going through my head:

    1 – What!? What a stupid idea, it’s hard enough to hit people with the gunner gun as it is (and when you do you don’t kill them – hitmarker with a .50cal? Seriously?)
    2 – You can defib vehicles? Cool!
    3 – Don’t use the scopes anyway…..
    4 – Mmm’kay whatever on that one. Might get the wookies out of the bushes…..
    5 – If it works like smoke then that’s cool
    6 – …….damn you Donncha and your joke posts! I almost had my knickers in a twist over #1!

    1. Hehe, sorry! 🙂

      Actually, I’d love if games had a “Surprise me!” option like there is on (look in your user profile). It could do things like making enemy soldiers dance a jig if they enter your smoke, or laugh hysterically when shot or something!

    1. Patricia – not at all! I’m xeer2000 on XBL and donnchaoc on PSN. I try to play BC2 on both regularly but I’ve been concentrating on the PS3 quite a bit lately.

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