Tea and Sandwiches with Donncha

Tea and Sandwiches

Anyone for tea? Here’s what I usually put into a sandwich:

  • Cucumber
  • Ham
  • Coleslaw

And all contained within lightly buttered brown sliced loaf bread. Yum.

O’Briens Chocolate Cake

Here’s the delicious chocolate cake we had in O’Briens in Blackpool Shopping Center a few days ago. Beautiful rich chocolate cake, with a layer of chunky chocolate cream through it. You don’t think I’d stop to take a photo of it before eating, do you?

Yes, there is a reason to this post. What do you eat for lunch? If it’s all sensible and boring, pig out once in a while, it’s good for you!

PS. I got nominated in a few sections of the Irish Blog Awards. Thank you to whoever nominated me. (No, it wasn’t me!)

6 thoughts on “Tea and Sandwiches with Donncha

  1. I hope it went into your mouth better than how you left the plate; is that some kind of dirty protest you got going on there? 🙂

    Oh for lunch, I have a bottle of water and whatever kind of plain sandwich is available.

    Oh oh, well done on the nominations! 🙂

  2. Dirty protest? I scraped that plate as clean as I could but the chocolate just wouldn’t come off.

    There were people around so I decided licking the plate clean was not quite appropriate.. 🙂

  3. Being a student, you could say I “pig out” every day on store-deli bought rolls and stuff…
    Although on occasion I do go to the student bar and get food there. 🙂
    Yesterday however, I had… actually I think I skipped lunch as far as I remember…

    * whistles nonchalantly about Irish Blog Awards, particularly for the Best Technology Blog section * 🙄

  4. Ooooh, Subway. Yum. It’s handy that there’s a Subway in Cork Airport, I’ve eaten there each time I’ve flown in the last year. Shouldn’t have gone for the foot long though, too much in the morning!

    Chris – thank you 🙂

    Grannymar – next time I’m having chocolate cake I’m keeping some for you. I’ll ask Grandad to bring it up to you shall I? Though he might try and smoke it in his pipe ..

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