Uuga uuga, as Dave would say. Someone’s…

Uuga uuga, as Dave would say. Someone’s complaining that the AN-94 is overpowered. As I’ve just unlocked it and I’m doing rather well with it, I probably have to agree that it’s quite powerful. As a burst weapon I’ve found it hard to win in a 1 on 1 against a medic equipped with an M60. It takes practice and some skill to shoot people at close range.

Will it get nerfed in the next patch? Boo!

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  1. I doubt it. It’s my favorite weapon, but it’s better at range then in close quarters due to it being semi-auto. There’s times I switch to a full auto weapon when I know I’m gonna be in close quarters as the AN-94 just won’t cut it.

  2. What? Someone complaining about something? In gaming? Surely not!

    Once all the guns have been Ugga Og Banga Whack Whacked they’ll complain about the knife, and then it’ll be something ludicrous like the jetskis are too fast. “Is it just me, or are the jetskis too fast? When I try and headbut someone who’s riding them they always go straight past as if I’m not there – DICE need to nerf that, like immediately!!!11!!11!eleventy1!”

    Why can’t people just….. play the game?

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