WordPress Stickers and Badges

WordPress Stickers and Badges

This was a nice surprise. While enjoying a lovely meal in the Castle Hotel in Blarney a courier rang me with a package. I wasn’t expecting anything but luckily he was close by and I met him in front of the local Garda station. Brimming with excitement I ripped open the package sending stickers and badges flying everywhere. Some landed in my burger, a few badges in my wife’s quiche and the baby grabbed a sticker or two before they fell on the ground.

No, I’m joking, but I did get a jiffy bag with a nice portrait of (most of) Automattic in Arizona and quite a few badges and stickers.

Before you ask, I’m not sending anyone any. I’ve already promised stickers to one person who’s been waiting a few months, and John probably thinks he’ll get his badges and stickers this year but I wouldn’t hold my breath if I was him. Sorry!
On the other hand, if I meet you on the street, I may have a supply of badges and stickers in my camera bag so don’t be afraid to ask. I will of course have badges and stickers to give out at the Doneraile photowalk next month. If you’re around the area, feel free to join us exploring and photographing Doneraile Park!

13 thoughts on “WordPress Stickers and Badges

  1. Hmmm, might drop down to Cork in a couple of weeks then πŸ™‚

    Well, provided the train drivers don’t go on strike again…

  2. Oh no, I thought the letter was in the post, well I got a link from you so thats something and you have an address from me so thats something else.

    Hopefully one day you will pass that post box or how about I send you a stamped addressed envelope!

  3. A great worker over at automattic kindly sent me some stickers and buttons just the other week, and now my laptop is covered in them πŸ™‚

  4. Hey is there anyway I can get some swag? Im a 4 year wordpress user (since I was 12!) and I use it on EVERY website I own. It just seamlessly works for any website.
    It would be AWESOME if I could get a sticker n button. I would put the button on my work bag and sticker on my macbook πŸ˜›

  5. Oooh! I would love a pink one, how come we’re not allowed one and you get a swag bag full πŸ™

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