I bought a Cadbury Creme Egg in January

Creme Eggs go on sale earlier and earlier every year. It’s like Christmas all over again. Maybe we’ll see special “Christmas Creme Eggs” later in the year?

They’re still yum though!

Cadbury Creme Egg

By Donncha

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In my mind Creme Eggs always go on sale, rather quietly, just after Christmas. And then they’re around until Easter (except in stores like CostCutter where you’ll find them all year round, though they do begin to taste a bit gammy by the time Hallowe’en comes round…). I guess with Easter being so early this year they’re marketing them a lot more early on.

And Cadbury’s already tried to capitalise on the Creme Egg fascination with a festive Cadbury’s Christmas Pudding which was aimed at the same seasonal confectionary fans. It tasted like sack though, so didn’t catch on.

I went to my local Tesco when I was home at Christmas. In and around the 28th Dec. There they were on display. I was shocked and amazed at the coordination of Cadbury. Christmas was not even over and there they were.

I think it’s normal because Easter is so early this year! Normally you can buy Christmas stuff at the end of September…

I agree, the eggs are getting smaller but you can still buy those huge ones individually which are filled to the brim with creme. And as you mentioned, they are good!

Wow, those are quite some hands! :-p
That picture has put me in quite an eastery mood already, maybe I’ll take advantage of tescos having stocked easter eggs since christmas and treat myself to a sneaky early one!

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