Could I resist? Could I what!

Jacob’s Elite Chocolate Tea Cakes

Jacob’s Elite Chocolate Tea Cakes, described on the packet as “mallow cake covered in thick milk chocolate”, but I’d say they’re the ultimate tease of what heaven is like, they’re that nice. Could I resist biting into the lovely chocolate covered biscuit and the creamy, melt in the mouth mallow? Not a chance. Could you?

Definitely one of my favourite biscuits. Thanks Sheila!

10 thoughts on “Could I resist? Could I what!

  1. Dan – they are *way* better, although I’m not a big fan of those Mikado biscuits tbh.

    The tea cakes come in packs of 6 and if they’re sitting in front of you, you’ll be hard pressed not to eat all of them in one sitting!

  2. I like the idea that the Elite tea cakes come individually wrapped. Perfect for putting into a lunch bag or leaving on the desks at work. I don’t mind paying the price for a delectable cookie. But I just found out how many calories, fat and sugar are in each one. It scared me to death. The package says “per serving” but for me that could be 2 or 3 a day. I guess there is always a trade off.

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